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Interviews & Direct to Camera presentations

Good quality sit down interviews with Senior Management and C-Suite executives is our bread and butter. 


Experienced crew will help guide busy executives to get their message across succinctly and quickly.

Recorded once on a wide shot and then on a tight shot for seamless editing. Sometimes recording direct to camera suits certain types of video presentations, we can offer our advice on what may work best for your situation.

Alexander Hoeptner Interview m4.png

Video Editing

Need to quickly knock up some shots? No problems,

we can either do that on-site or at our office. 


Our formula for post-production is simple and effective, cutting out unnecessary parties that increase production time and costs.


We regularly provide finished products for companies and brands. Our experience means dollars are spent wisely.


Our prices for editing services are clear and our post-production process is streamlined from years of industry knowledge. Get in touch to find out more.

video editor hong kong.jpeg

Multi-Camera Shoots


We can easily accommodate multi-camera productions for either pre-recorded or live scenarios.


Switching between shots for live streams is the best way to increase production values and keep your audience focussed. 


Minimum half-day booking.


Footage captured in RAW or LOG ​

For high-end shoots we can capture in LOG or RAW for grading at your end. These types of shoots are for clients that require specific formats. 


This service is not available for bookings by the hour.


Good for internal announcements, financial reports, on-boarding, news releases. You name it, we've done it.

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camera crew short notice hong kong.jpeg

Crew Sixty is not just a provider of vetted, experienced camera crews.

We're not a gaggle of folks that have just entered the media industry.

We've been at this for more than 25 years.  

We will manage your project from start to finish. Anytime you book a service that is above our half-day rate, you get video editing thrown in as well. 


Our video editing packages include royalty free music, basic graphics and access to our Artgrid library of fantastic stock footage. Extra hours can be added for more complex projects. Get in touch if you want to see some recent works.

The basic kit comes with....

If you are after a simple shoot at our base price you can appreciate that our crews have to be nimble. Some of our services are available by the hour. 


If you are after our basic service, the kit consists of the following.


  • Full frame video camera such as Panasonic EVA1, Sony FX9 or Varicam LT.

  • Wide,medium and tight lenses

  • Lapel or radio microphones x 2  

  • Camera light 

  • Interview LED light panel 

  • Tripod 

Extra kit and crew can be added, just send us your requirements. Please note the minimum prices below are in some locations where we have staff working regularly for us, more locations are in the pipeline.

Vaccinated camera crew, assistants and producers are available on request.

varicam hong kong .png

Crewing. It’s in our DNA

We have a database of producers, fixers, drone operators, gaffers, video editors, directors, lighting crew & photographers available.

For the most experienced and best value camera crew in Hong Kong please get in touch anytime. We’re here to answer any questions you may have


Experience counts.

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