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About Us

Crew Sixty is camera crewing for these times. Technology has changed, clients needs have changed and we're here to match the right people to the right jobs for the right price.


Our parent company Ants Media Group started providing crews to Broadcasters and

Indies in London way back in 2001.


In 2011 the business moved to Hong Kong and Ants Media Asia was created. In 2023 we opened an office in Bahrain where we continue to service our roster of Hong Kong clients that have offices in the Middle East. We are also offering our services to Bahrain marketing agencies, production companies and brands that may require end to end video solutions.


We are not new at this, our key staff have worked for the world's leading broadcasters, covering some of the biggest events in the United Kingdom, Australia, Europe and Asia.


It's safe to say anyone that works for us has been there and done that.

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Founded by crew to serve both clients and crew 

We know what clients want and what a camera crew can and can't do in a short amount of time. We provide solid operators at a decent rate and are flexible. We are available at short notice given our news background. 

The members of our advisory board come from a range of backgrounds. Media, law, finance, entertainment and see the potential of what we are building.

There are some things that can't be done in an hour or two and in todays world video is everything.


If you want to look better than your competitors, I'm afraid the office video guy with an iPhone or a  digital camera isn't going to cut it every time.


Crew Sixty. Experience Counts.

Past & Present Clients  

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